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Space, the unseen frontier in the war in UkrainePublished6 OctoberShareRelated TopicsRussia-Ukraine warIMAGE SOURCE,SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARYBy Jonathan BealeDefence correspondent, BBC NewsThe war in Ukraine has underlined the growing importance of space to armies on the ground.In an interview with the BBC, the head of the US Space Force, General Jay Raymond,… Read more »

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1:20 PM 10/24/2022 – This is the #message and the #warning to the #Putin World: In this new era of powerful and precise #Space and other #LaserWeapons, the #NuclearWeapons became obsolete, they could be easily turned into the #Weapon of #SelfDestruction.…


The News And Times – TNT #News #Times #TNT #LASER

Crimean Bridge Attack: These precision “SURGICAL” cuts look like they were inflicted by the space or aircraft LASER WEAPON. The “Truck bomb explosion” would produce the radial crater with a lot of debris.…


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2:43 AM 10/24/2022 – Tweets: the Crimean Bridge was attacked by the SPACE LASER WEAPONS, probably in response to the Russian threats.… 

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Michael Novakhov retweeted: ‼️🇷🇺 Dismantling of the destroyed spans on the Crimean bridge.#CrimeanBridge #Russia

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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Hoje Putin surta #CrimeanBridge


Trump family business fraud trial opens via @FRANCE24
Aleksandra Gasztold @AGasztold


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The author’s copy has landed! I’m proud to publish about #diversity in #intelligence with @RubenArcosM Cristina Ivan & Irena Chiru @Intel_IJIC @INPUW @UniWarszawski @WiisPoland #security #masculinity #gender #couterintelligence