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created by Michael Novakhov  •  Feb 01 2023

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U.S. Woman Detained in Russia After Walking Calf on Red Square  U.S. News & World Report
Russia – Google News 28m

By elevating the issue of anti-Jewish hatred, the second gentleman has become a vital part of the Biden…
1. Opinions from Michael_Novakhov (43 sites) 29m

Russian journalist gets 8 years in prison over Ukraine coverage  POLITICO Europe
“Mariupol” – Google News 29m

Putin congratulates Russian Patriarch Kirill on 14th anniversary of …  Anadolu Agency
“putin” – Google News 29m

3 QUESTIONS – Importance of Turkish drones  Anadolu Agency
“electronic warfare in Ukraine war 2022” – Google News 29m

US readies $2b-plus Ukraine aid package with longer-range …  Prothom Alo English
“electronic warfare in Ukraine war 2022” – Google News 29m
VXYa6tHh_reasonably_small.jpg а>
Intelligence Failures… via @mjranum
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 30m
6O1oMGEX_normal.png а>
Ukrainian officials continue to support @TheStudyofWar’s assessment that an imminent Russian offensive…
ISW (Twitter) 30m
6O1oMGEX_normal.png а>
2/ A prominent Russian milblogger claimed on live Russian state TV that Russian Airborne Forces (VDV)…
ISW (Twitter) 30m

The Republican National Committee is urging Republican lawmakers to double down on anti-abortion stances…
msnbc 34m

Allegations follow raid on one of unnamed woman’s four homes as part of Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s anti-corruption…
Russia and Ukraine News Review 34m

George Santos news – live: Santos steps down from committees and …  msnNOW
“Red Mafia” – Google News 36m
lYBO2-2i_reasonably_small.jpg а>
#BREAKING: The FBI is conducting a planned search of President Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home…
NewsNation (Twitter) 37m

Top Ukrainian security official says Russia preparing for ‘maximum escalation’ in the war  CNN The post…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 37m

Russia said eyeing eastern Ukraine push; Kyiv targets graft  KPRC Click2Houston The post Russia said…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 37m

Russia slams ‘absurd’ Macron comments over Ukraine  msnNOW The post Russia slams ‘absurd’ Macron comments…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 37m

Half of Putin’s entire elite airborne forces wiped out in first six months of Ukraine war  Express The…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 37m

George Santos Lied About Everything, But He’s Hardly Alone – We the people… deserve better. On Tuesday,…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 38m

The head of European diplomacy, back from a visit to South Africa and Botswana, blames Pretoria for refusing…
Le – Actualités et Infos en France et dans le monde 38m

Biden lawyer: FBI searching Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, home  News 12 Brooklyn
“brooklyn news” – Google News 38m
8z9FImcv_normal.png а>
BREAKING: The FBI is conducting a “planned search” of President Biden’s Delaware beach home after classified…
The Associated Press (Twitter) 38m

Discussions to create a Special Tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine are proceeding rapidly….
FBI Reform – 39m
VXYa6tHh_reasonably_small.jpg а>…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 39m
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A Close Rudy Giuliani Associate Alerted FBI’s Assistant Director to Charles McGonigal’s Alleged Albanian…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
VXYa6tHh_reasonably_small.jpg а>
Charles McGonigal – Wikipedia…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
VXYa6tHh_reasonably_small.jpg а>
UNITED STATES : Former FBI official Charles McGonigal’s indictment: what went on behind the scenes…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
VXYa6tHh_reasonably_small.jpg а>
Sites Review – TNT…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
wuGILw0q_reasonably_small.jpg а>
Michael Novakhov retweeted: OTD Jan 31, 1929 #Leon_Trotsky expelled from…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
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RSS Pages – TNT News Reviews – 4:52 PM 1/31/2023………
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: 🇺🇸 Embattled GOP congressman George Santos’…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Today, I’m in New York City to discuss how…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Happy Birthday to FDR who was born OTD 1882…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m. – Former top FBI official charged with violating Russia sanctions…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
VXYa6tHh_reasonably_small.jpg а>
FBI agent arrested took Russian money turned in by ex-girlfriend emailed his boss about their affair…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
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election 2016 – Google Search…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 6h
oFMlF3JR_reasonably_small.jpg а>
With $ billions in procurement for the Ukrainian defense sector, the corruption problem rears its ugly…
KT CounterIntelligence (Twitter) 6h

Der Militärexperte und Ökonom Marcus Keupp analysiert die Fähigkeiten Europas bei der Beschaffung neuer…
N24 6h

WELT Korrespondent Christoph Wanner in Moskau analysiert die möglichen Auswirkungen der neuen US-Waffenlieferungen…
N24 6h

George Santos’s treasurer resigns amid scrutiny over finances  The Hill
“George Santos” – Google News 6h

I know of two journalists who had reported on parts of the charges against former FBI Special Agent in… 15h

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Published: 06:00 GMT, 28 January 2023 | Updated: 08:26 GMT, 28 January 2023 Charles McGonigal,… 23h

In the past weeks there has been a whirlwind of stories exposing the Kremlin’s successful post-Cold… 23h

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