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OpenAI launched a bug bounty program


AI company OpenAI launched a bug bounty program and announced payouts of up to $20,000 for security flaws in its ChatGPT chatbot service.

OpenAI launched a bug bounty program and it is offering up to $20,000 to bug hunters that will report vulnerabilities in its ChatGPT chatbot service.

The company explained that ChatGPT is in scope, including ChatGPT Plus, logins, subscriptions, OpenAI-created plugins (e.g. Browsing, Code Interpreter), plugins users create themselves, and all other functionality. Plugins developed by other people are out of the scope.

The bug bounty program, which is operated via the Bugcrowd crowdsourced security platform, also covers APIs, API keys, and other assets belonging to OpenAI. The company is also interested in confidential OpenAI corporate information that may be exposed through third parties, such as Google Workspace, Trello, Jira, Salesforce and Stripe.

The bounties range from $200 for low-severity security issues up to $20,000 for critical vulnerabilities.

“Security is essential to OpenAI’s mission. We appreciate the contributions of ethical hackers who help us uphold high privacy and security standards for our users and technology. This policy (based on outlines our definition of good faith regarding the discovery and reporting of vulnerabilities, and clarifies what you can expect from us in return.” reads the announcement published by the company.

“The initial priority rating for most findings will use the Bugcrowd Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy. However, vulnerability priority and reward may be modified based on likelihood or impact at OpenAI’s sole discretion. In cases of downgraded issues, researchers will receive a detailed explanation.”

In March, 2023, OpenAI addressed multiple severe vulnerabilities in ChatGPT that could have allowed attackers to take over user accounts and view chat histories.

One of the issues was a “Web Cache Deception” vulnerability reported by the bug bounty hunter and Shockwave founder Gal Nagli, it could lead to an account takeover.

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