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‘Tár’ is up for best picture at the 2023 Oscars — here’s how to watch the psychological drama starring Cate Blanchett

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cate blanchett as lydia Tár in "Tár" conducting a group of musiciansCate Blanchett delivers an award-winning performance in ‘Tár.’

Focus Features

  • “Tár,” starring Cate Blanchett, is now available to watch at home.
  • The psychological drama is up for best picture at the 2023 Oscars.
  • You can stream it on Peacock, or rent it through services like Prime Video.

“Tár,” a nominee for the 2023 Academy Award for best picture, is now available to watch online. The critically acclaimed drama is streaming on Peacock, and you can also rent or buy it from digital retailers like Amazon and Vudu.

The movie focuses on a fictional composer named Lydia Tár. While at the top of her game, the world-famous musician’s mental state begins to falter. Her erratic behavior starts taking a toll on her relationships and work ethic, leading to a dramatic examination of the pitfalls of fame and power. 

Check out the trailer for ‘Tár’

“Tár” is written, directed, and produced by Todd Field. Cate Blanchett stars as Lydia Tár, a performance which earned her the 2023 Golden Globe for best actress. The cast also includes Noémie Merlant, Nina Hoss, Sophie Kauer, Julian Glover, Allan Corduner, and Mark Strong. 

Where to watch ‘Tár’

You can watch “Tár” at home with a subscription to Peacock. The movie is also available to buy or rent through services like Amazon Prime Video. 

Peacock Premium costs $5/month for ad-supported streaming. You can get ad-free playback by upgrading to Peacock Premium Plus for $10/month. For a limited time, you can even save $10 on an annual subscription to get a year of Peacock Premium for only $30.

Though Peacock does have a free entry-level option, that plan only has a limited selection of titles and does not grant you access to “Tar.”

Alternatively, you can purchase “Tár” for $20 or rent it for $6 from digital retailers like Amazon, Apple TV, and Vudu. This is a better option if you just want to pay a one-time fee to watch the movie instead of joining a subscription service. 

The film is available to watch in up to 4K with Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) on compatible TVs. Apps for Peacock and various digital retailers are available on most smart TVs, smartphones, gaming consoles, and tablets. Check each platform’s website for a complete list of supported devices.

What is ‘Tár’ based on?

Although “Tár” is presented a lot like a biopic, the film is entirely fictional. It’s not based on a real musician’s rise and fall, but rather uses an original script to examine the plight of the artist, and how far one will go for their craft. 

Is ‘Tár’ worth watching?

The list of accolades that “Tár” has accumulated certainly suggests that it’s worth watching. The movie has received Academy Award nominations for best picture, best director, best actress, best original screenplay, best cinematography, and best film editing. Star Cate Blanchett also earned a Golden Globe award for best actress. 

As of January 27, “Tár” has a “90% Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising Blanchett’s performance. However, be prepared to follow along closely if you decide to watch “Tár,” as some audiences have criticized the film for being confusing. 

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