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Former FBI agent explains TikTok sleuth lawsuit

(NewsNation) — A University of Idaho professor is suing a TikTok user who accused her of playing a role in the stabbing deaths of four students.

First reported by The Argonaut, the University of Idaho’s student newspaper wrote that Ashley Guillard of Texas claims to have solved several murders “using tarot cards and other readings.”

In her own videos, Guillard accused Rebecca Scofield, a history professor at the University of Idaho, of ordering the “execution” of the four students. Guillard, without evidence, claims Scofield was, or at least wanted, to be romantically involved with one of the victims.

“This is where we draw the line,” said former FBI special agent Tracy Walder. “This is incredibly damaging to someone’s career because we forget: the internet lives forever.”

Walder says that even if Scofield should win her lawsuit, her name will still be associated with this, which can have a lasting impact on the professor’s employment opportunities.

“We really need to stay away from naming names and naming potential suspects, and perhaps fabricating evidence that is there because we don’t know who is on the other side of these computers.”

Walder says this adds extra work for investigators, and that those interested in details about a potential murder investigation should be patient with authorities as they release information when it is ready.