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Belarus plans to launch production of artillery, MLRS munitions


Belarus authorities intend to set up mass production of shells for artillery and various rocket launchers.

That is in accordance to the Principal Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Protection of Ukraine, Ukrinform reviews.

“The Belarusian authorities are on the lookout for the possibility of setting up the manufacturing of element components for 152 mm and 122 mm projectiles on the territory of their country and guaranteeing a closed cycle of munitions generation in the upcoming. The risk of arranging the technological approach of assembling 122-mm, 220-mm, and 300-mm projectiles from imported components is also being explored,” the assertion reads.

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In this regard, a take a look at of the Belarusian delegation to Iran is scheduled for November 20-23. The agenda will involve the entire cycle of projectile output: from steel smelting technology for munitions ingredient components to the coloring of projectiles and containers.

As Ukrinform claimed before, on November 15, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine introduced that in the celebration of a recurring invasion of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus, Ukraine will open up fireplace as shortly as the enemy crosses the border.

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