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New AI tool lets you replace pictures of your ex with images of red flags and snakes

A new Picsart AI tool lets you swap out images of your ex with red flags.A new AI tool lets you swap out images of your ex with red flags and snakes.


  • Picsart debuted a new AI tool that allows user to replace photos of their ex. 
  • The tool can swap images of former flames with anything, including snakes, red flags, and baguettes. 
  • The tool is the latest artificial intelligence use case as the technology continues to explode. 

Broken-hearted and trying to purge pictures of your ex from your social media pages? A new tool puts a cathartic spin on dissolving their digital footprint. 

Picsart, a photo and video editing company, debuted a new artificial intelligence-powered feature that allows users to replace images of former flames with everything from red flags to snakes. Called “AI Replace My Ex,” the tool lets users swap images “with virtually anything” and “in just a few seconds with no design skills required,” per Picsart.

“We’ve all been there: you have a photo where you look super cute, but it’s tainted by the presence of someone no longer in your life,” Picsart wrote in a blog announcing the tool Monday. “You’d rather not see or think about them, but don’t necessarily want to delete the hundreds (or even thousands) of photos you have together.”

The tool marks yet another use-case of AI as the technology continues to explode in popularity. It also joins efforts to support jilted lovers ahead of Valentine’s Day, including the San Antonio Zoo’s annual Cry Me a Cockroach fundraiser, in which you can name a roach, rodent, or plant after an ex or a bad boss. 

To make the swap, Picsart users can upload a photo, select the ex in question, hit “AI Replace,” and then describe a replacement image. 

In addition to a classic red flag, the blog post shares several examples of ideas for swaps, including a snake …

AI tool replaced ex with a snake


… a baguette …

AI tool transforms ex into baguette


… and a dog. 

AI tool replaces ex with a dog.


Users can create a limited number of free images before they’re required to pay a fee, Picsart said in the blog. While the feature is currently available only on Apple iOS products, it’s expected to come to Android soon. 

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